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A Studio is the Only Way to Film

Finding a location for video production can be a challenge. Depending on the type of production you are running, those options may be even more limited. More often than not, however, a film studio is optimal for a litany of reasons.

Professional studios like filmstudios Berlin offer a solution to the challenges of shooting on location. While shooting on location can present an “authentic” feel, it is better to rent a studio space.

Production Value

To those who feel as though shooting on location is superior, there are a few things worth considering. Let’s say that your location calls for ahotel or vacation spot. While there is something to be said about being on site, there are also challenges as well.

For a low budget filmmaker, the camera is oftentimes the only tool available. Creating optimal lighting and sound becomes a greater challenge, making it far more difficult to get the best shot possible. Sure, money is being saved, but the overall quality of the shoot is being compromised.

In order to create a better product, there needs to be an improvement in production values. By working in a studio space, those production values will go up exponentially. And in the end, it is what will create a better product.

The Best Technology

In order to create a fluid and cohesive production, a lot of work goes into it all. That time and effort can go into areas of the production that aren’t always the most valuable. But what if that time could be better used?

With access to the besttechnology and equipment around, exponential time and frustration can be saved in the process. For instance, maybe there are other angles possible because of a jib shot. Or the ability to edit a shot right there on site because of access to editing equipment.

The goal is to make the production the best that it can be. With the help of the right technology, that gives way to a better quality of production. It also means that time can be devoted to other areas of the production that would have otherwise been compromised.

Create Your Own Production

The beautiful thing about a film production is that it doesn’t have to be limited to what we see on screen. As a matter of fact, any production is a cohesive experience. There has to be a smooth transition between what we see on film and what happens off of it.

By having a studio in place, it is possible to create a more conducive space. In a film studio, it is possible to create the kind of production that works best for you. With fewer distractions, there is a greater focus to be had on the production at large. Think of it as creating your own world and creating a vision within that world.

Save Money

Wait a minute, doesn’t it cost money to rent out a film studio? How can you possibly save money when you are spending to rent out the space? But it turns out that you can actually save money in the long-term by investing in a space.

Think of it this way. A location may be free to use, but there are costs involved. Investing in your own equipment, transportation, and the effort of the production are all costs. Some of those can be mitigated because they are already included in the rental of the space. Moreover, there are amenities involved in renting the space that can make your use of time all the more productive. In the end, using a film studio is the best move that you can make.

April 18, 2023, 6:29 p.m.