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The Best Efforts You Can Put To Protect Our Planet

We all know environmental crises we are going through, and many of us are doing something to protect it too. By now, most of us know that we have to plant trees, and it is not just a formality or a college project alone. We have to follow it up with a host of other similar activities to ensure we do a lot for the world as a whole. 

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Why should We Hurry Up

We are literally on edge, and we cannot afford to delay any further. If we look at the glaciers melting or the heat waves worldwide, the time is running out for sure. 
The number of forests is going down, and several species are going extinct. It directly shows that we have not much time in hand. Our planet needs us now, and we have to go beyond the politics and the agendas that are only delaying any progress. 

Steps Everyone can do for Saving the Earth

  • Save and Reuse Water: Instead of isolating the work of saving the planet, include it in your daily life. Save water by reusing it from washing clothes to watering the garden plants or car. Do not use too many detergents that are required or in diluted form. 
  • Save Energy: It is not wrong if you have to invest in air conditioners. You have to remember managing the power consumption and spreading the cool air through superb HVAC planning. It would be logical to have thick doors and windows to save the cool air from escaping faster. Regular cleaning of the air conditioners and the vents will also save money. If you get ample sunlight, use solar panels to power up the regular appliances and even your cooking stove. 
  • Be Sustainable: As we said, everyone needs to show some empathy towards saving the earth. If you are running a business like a restaurant or a café, how do you manage the kitchen? Do you store many materials in the stock or buy with a specific plan in mind? If you do not have a walk-in freezer but just a pantry with a refrigerator and freezer, do not hoard materials. Make proper seafood choices as they are quickly perishable.

Go for sustainable cooking methods and have a clear idea of how you plan to go for waste management. Make sure to use non-toxic cleaning materials while washing just so that the waterways do not get contamination. If you offer home delivery or takeaway service, go for using eco-friendly packaging materials. These will be reusable and save further wastage. It is better to choose leaves, papers, and jute as ideal packaging materials instead of Styrofoam or plastics. 

  • Go Biking: It is best if you select your bicycle more for traveling than the car. Every year the ozone hole is widening thanks to the carbon footprint we are leaving. 
  • Do a Bit More Every Day: We agree, you only get an hour for yourself and that too on the weekends. You may curl up with your favorite book or check out the best games to play on the internet casinosYou may even use that time to spread awareness about these methods to the world online. Plan to have a community tree-planting event and urge the kids to plant one of the local trees or the other. 

It could become a widespread program and draw a lot of interest in people to do their bit for the world they live in eventually. 

May 22, 2021, 5:32 p.m.